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A jeweled up journey through Slovakia

26.Jun.2024 ‧ other


18.Jul.2021 ‧ creation

From corner sail

18.Apr.2021 ‧ creation

Cifra earrings

18.Nov.2020 ‧ creation

The Flowers of Telgart

4.Aug.2019 ‧ creation


1.Feb.2019 ‧ creation

Labor-family outing in Paris with tights from Mileva collection

25.Oct.2016 ‧ creation

Guidebook of our vacation with limited set of jewels from the Mileva

7.Aug.2016 ‧ creation

PERFUME – my symphony of scents

6.May.2016 ‧ creation

Mileva’s collection

3.May.2016 ‧ creation

Interview about collection Mileva

12.Feb.2016 ‧ creation

Slovakian epopee

22.Dec.2015 ‧ creation